Look what you made her do, Swifties! Taylor Swift has been stalking fans on Instagram.

The 27-year-old pop star has been on the down low in the run up to the release of her anticipated upcoming album, “Reputation“. However, she’s been sneaking up on fan’s Instagram stories, liking their photos, and even direct messaging them. Needless to say, these lucky Swifties completely freaked out – big time!

Taylor Swift Instagram
Source: Mad TV

During a Swiftie’s Instagram live stream, the music superstar was asked about the 10 minutes version of “All Too Well” and she had the best answer. A screenshot of Swift’s reply in all caps reads, “ITS SOMEWHERE IN A DRAWER I DON’T KNOW I DON’T KNOW.” Fans also wanted to know what her cats, Olivia and Meredith, have been up to. “The cats are alive and well,” Swift wrote. “Still very fuzzy.”


Now that the photo app also has a poll feature to stories, Swift also chimed in on a fan’s decision to ask the person’s crush out for homecoming. On a separate poll, the singer-songwriter also voted “yes” in response to whether the “Reputation” album will live up to Swift’s previous records. In true Taylor Swift fashion, the A-lister also slid into several fan’s DMs.

You can check out the various screenshots below:


The next time you’re on social media, Swift may be #Taylurking around 😉

Swift’s new album, “Reputation”, will hit stores 10th November.

Sources: E! News, MTV/ Featured image: Mad TV.

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