We know, we know. Apple fanbois (and girls) are probably still giddy over the iPhone X (pronounced as iPhone Ten) over the announcement. And we get it.

It’s the future of smartphones, complete with a “revolutionary” edge-to-edge screen, wireless charging, Face ID, Super Retina display, water and dust resistance, TrueDepth camera, super fast A11 Bionic chip, Animoji (that poop emoji though), and a slew of other features.

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Here’s the thing: it is the most expensive iPhone ever made, even for the United States, because it costs an eye-popping USD999. In fact, it’s expected to cost about RM6k when it eventually arrives on our shores. And one Chinese multinational information and communications technology (ICT) solutions provider is clearly not impressed.


Less than 24 hours after the iPhone X announcement, Huawei took to their Facebook page to post up an image that was clearly hinting at Apple’s new smartphone. The image features Huawei’s P10 smartphone, and the copy reads, “Don’t Spend All Your Money On Your X Girlfriend, Spend Quality Time With Huawei P10 Instead”.

Source: facebook.com/HuaweiMobileAPAC

Oooh. It’s getting hot in here so we gotta throw some shade eh, Huawei?

The above Facebook post has since gone viral, garnering over 1.7k reactions and 415 shares within 15 hours. Techies and netizens alike are, of course, 100% enjoying the gimmick, with some of them commenting:

  • “Well played, Huawei.”
  • “I recommend your markerter to be promoted!”
  • “Marketing done right.”
  • “Cheeky marketing strategy. Me likey.”
  • “And that started World War 3.”

And then there’s this one comment that takes the cake:

Note: The MATE is another one of Huawei’s smartphone series, commonly known as a “phablet” (phone plus tablet), as it comes with a large screen.

#WinningSoHard. We’ll just put this one right here.

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