The Malaysian Islamic Party, more commonly known as PAS, has objected against the annual The Better Beer Festival.

In a statement released via HarakahDaily, PAS central committee member Dr Riduan Mohd Nor claimed that the event is something that “shocks and incites the anger of Muslims” in Malaysia.


For the uninitiated, The Better Beer Festival the biggest celebration of the craft beer revolution in Malaysia with a huge range of small-batch beers, festival food, and a rocking live music lineup. It started in 2012 at Taps Beer Bar in Kuala Lumpur, and had about 200 participants. Last year, The Better Beer Festival had 3,500 participants. Now in its 6th edition, the festival will feature 43 independent breweries across 12 countries that are expected to showcase 250 different craft beers.


In speaking about the event, Dr Riduan Mohd Nor said, “It is something shameful for an Islamic country like Malaysia, when treacherous programmes can so easily gain a place in the hearts of the community, and the event is allowed to be organised without objections. We can’t bear Kuala Lumpur to be known by the world as Asia’s largest vice centre.”

He acknowledged that it was an event for non-Muslims but expressed regret that the organisers had picked Malaysia for its beer festival. “Although Muslims are not the target for participation, there are no limits or obstructions if there are Muslims who join, and invite anyone to attend including Muslims. There is no guarantee that safety will be given to the people who are not involved, such as crime, free sex, rape, and so on,” he warned.

The statement then wraps up with Dr Riduan Mohd Nor saying, “The hatred of the society towards vice activities should also be given attention to and celebrated, not just celebrating the desires of some humans that worship their desires. The hearts of the community that can’t accept treachery will feel pressured and will lead to extremist actions.”


The Better Beer Festival is expected to attract 6,000 people this year, and is slated to be held on 6th and 7th October 2017 at Publika.

Source: HarakahDaily / Featured image: The Better Beer Festival.

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