Wait, what?

The undisputed King of Pop, the late Michael Jackson’s Twitter account just dropped a mysterious Halloween-esque #MJScream teaser, indicating that a “Scream” project is in the works, and the curiosity is killing us.

Note: “Scream” is also the name of the track that Michael Jackson released in 1995, a duet with his younger sister Janet Jackson.

Sure, this is not the first time that his management or record label is posthumously releasing content. “Michael Jackson’s This Is It”, the concert film and documentary that features Michael Jackson preparing for his “This Is It” tour, was released a few months after his death in 2009. A 3D version of the celebrated, evergreen 1983 “Thriller” video is also expected to premiere at the Venice Film Festival, which runs between 30th August – 9th September.

Still, the question still remains: what could it be?

More information to come!

Source: Michael Jackson’s Twitter / Featured image:

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