Nasi Lemak Burgers may be all the rage right now, but the Char Kuey Teow Burger is set to take over!

That’s right peeps! It appears that we’re getting another Malaysian-Western hybrid! Are your stomachs ready for it?

Char Kuey Teow Burger
Source: Rasa Malaysia/ Time Out KL

Recently, FungryTV announced that they were teaming up with local eatery Grub to create a brand new Char Kuey Teow Burger. In between the burger’s patty is a yummy omelette filled with signature char kuey teow ingredients such as prawns, cockles, spring onions, taugeh (bean sprouts), and duck egg yolk. Looks delicious, doesn’t it?


FungryTV’s statement reads:

With everyone going nuts over the recent nasi lemak burger fiasco, FungryTV is sounding the horn to remind everyone that nasi lemak is not our only national dish. This year, we proud Malaysians instead will pay homage to the humble char kuey teow! Deconstructed and rebuilt under the visionary scope of Razif Hashim, the skills of Ahong (Grub), and the consultation + blessings of Chef Sherson Lian (kitchen mafia), Ren Yi (myburger lab), and Ili & Basirah (agak-agak)“.

Here’s a better look at the Char Kuey Teow Burger:

NO GIRLFRIEND BUT HAVE KUEY TEOW BURGER. HARRY FALL IN LOVE ??? #FungryTV #CKTTheBurger #uthinkwat #iamthemalaysian

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Although several lucky Malaysians have tried the Char Kuey Teow Burger, it is not available to the public yet. FungryTV is looking to get 1000 pledges by Malaysia Day (16th September) to make this a reality.

Go show FungryTV your support on their Facebook page here. We can’t wait to try this new hybrid 😉

Featured image: Rasa Malaysia/ Time Out KL

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