If you think Touch n Go and Smart Tag are convenient, wait till you use the RFID tag.

What’s so good about the RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) tag you ask? Unlike Touch n Go or Smart Tag, motorists won’t have to slow down for detection when passing through highway tolls.

Source: Sinchew/ Beetify

Director General of Malaysia Highway Authority, Dato Ismail Bin Md Salleh, explained that RFID is a more advanced system that is able to scan the RFID tag from afar and is more accurate compared to Touch n Go and Smart Tag. You don’t even have to wait that long to enjoy a seamless experience while on the road. It was announced that RFID will be open to public on 28th January 2018.


We’re still planning and discussing the implementation of this system, plus we’re facing some technical issues, so at the moment, only selected vehicles are allowed to use this system. By our estimation, this system will be ready for public motorists on January 28 next year, and it will be done in stages,” Dato Ismail was quoted as saying.

Source: All Singapore Stuff via WoB

Those of you who are familiar with Singapore’s electronic tolls, it’s actually similar to their overhead Electronic Road Pricing (ERP) gantries.

The current plan is to have at least 1 RFID lane in each toll plaza. Hopefully this new system will help minimise traffic issues.

Sources: Beetify, KL Gadget Guy/ Featured image: Sinchew.

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