So the time has finally inched closer to VIPs (as BIGBANG’s fans are lovingly known).

During his recent solo concert in Tokyo, Japan, BIGBANG member Daesung (대성) confirmed that the group will most probably go on a long hiatus after the year ends. This is, of course, largely due to the fact that Daesung has to fulfil his impending mandatory military service.


The 28-year-old idol said to his fans, “Honestly, I don’t think I have much time left. While doing the dome tours this year, I started thinking about how there won’t be any solo tours for a while. As you all were probably expecting, there’s a possibility that BIGBANG will have a long hiatus after the other members finish their promotional activities for this year.”


Currently, BIGBANG leader G-Dragon is midway through his Act III: M.O.T.T.E “Moment of Truth The End” World Tour while fellow member Taeyang (태양) is also on a world tour in conjunction with the release of his 3rd album, “White Night”. BIGBANG maknae Seungri (승리), on the other hand, is busy with his solo activities i.e. managing and promoting with his Natural High Record (NHR) artistes. There has been no news about T.O.P as of late but it is believed he’s taking time off to recover and reflect.

Source: YG Entertainment

“I feel that this is the best choice for us to start afresh as BIGBANG. In that sense, each tour this time around has been even more special. I’ll be trying my best for all my future tours. Please support me,” Daesung added.

Just a couple of months left before the year ends. Fighting, BIGBANG! Your VIPs will be right here waiting.

Sources: Koreaboo, Dispatch / Featured image: YG Entertainment.

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