Let’s face it.

As we grow older, our pool of friends gets smaller. It’s sorta like a social rite of passage that everyone has to go through because as time goes by, people change and grow apart – which is not necessarily a bad thing.


From the time when we’re in kindergarten to when we graduate college, friendship-making is such an important part of our social and personal development, it’s almost not even optional. We need to make friends to find out who we are, where we fit in with our peers, how to navigate social situations, and which people will help us with the rough parts of growing into a person.

Sitting amongst ourselves, we discussed and exchange stories (even the painfully embarrassing ones) and finally came up with this list of 5 friends we’ve made before we hit the big THREE O:

We’ve-Just-Known-Each-Other-But-You’re-Already-My-BFF Friend

Ahhhh, we’ve all had those. The first time you met, awkward smiles and introductions were exchanged followed by a planned lunch sesh. You kinda dread it but you’re not a flake. Guess what? You had a great time and the next thing you know, you’re legit BFFs. But this is not an easy friendship, especially since you barely know each other and are determined to work through the rough patches together. However, just like Betty and Veronica from “Riverdale”, if you both compromise, you might have a BFF that sticks.

That one friend you make when you’re both stuck in a difficult situation together

It’s a less than ideal situation but hey, something good always prevail from a difficult situation. Nothing solidifies the bond two individuals better than a break-up or an argument. And when you find that snowflake that has your back 24/7, one that gets you nuggets or ice-cream from McD’s drive-through at 2AM, do not let him/her go! That friend, is for life! Just look at Grace and Frankie, they’re definitely our ultimate #friendgoals.


“The worst influence of all time,” according to your parents

Basically, any friends you made during your let’s-try-something-new phase (aka the college years), fall in this category. These are the friends who are as curious and inquisitive as you, especially with that newfound freedom and the fact that you’re almost #adulting, and are up for literally anything! Want to see what clubs or speakeasies look like? I’m in! How about the super expensive hipster place for brunch? Why not?! Oooh, can we maybe rent a place somewhere and throw an epic party? I. Love. You! The thing is, with these friends, it still seems like we’re still growing up. Case in point, “Friends From College”.

The one who only calls when he/she need something

When your phone rings and you see that familiar name on your caller ID, you know what’s up. A favour, some help here and there, or even just a shoulder to cry on. Sometimes, we can’t help it but feel like we’re just part-time friends to them. It’s not the best feeling in the world knowing that you were only being treated nice because there’s an agenda to it. Nevertheless, as long as the friendship is not toxic, it’s much better to keep a friend than to make an enemy. But, if your friend is anything like Dr Johnny Wilcox from Okja, maybe it’s time to walk away…

Are we even friends? *5 minutes later* I guess we are…

These are the people you meet in unexpected places and you’re not even sure if you like them or why you’re even talking to them in the first place. But sometimes, life throws a curveball and the next thing you know, your subconscious tells you that they’re not that bad. I mean, look at Matt Murdock (Marvel’s “Daredevil”), Luke Cage (Marvel’s “Luke Cage”), Jessica Jones (Marvel’s “Jessica Jones”), and Danny Rand (Marvel’s “Iron Fist”). From total strangers to an unlikely group of heroes, they come together to save New York city in the upcoming Marvel’s “The Defenders”.

That having said, like anything else that continues to evolve or mature as you grow older, friendships change over time. And it does get harder to keep in contact with old friends or make new friends when you’re in your 30s due to various reasons e.g. marriage, kids, career, etc. So embrace the ones that you have now, those that have stuck around with you, and live your 30s to the fullest!

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