It’s time for dessert!

Originating from Hongdae (홍대), the Hongik University street that’s bustling with youth and charm in Seoul, this wildly popular outlet (think crazy queues) serves up a delicious fusion of 2 of the world’s most loved desserts.

Kiss The Tiramisu (키스더티라미수) is a hit with locals and tourists alike, as it fuses yummy tiramisu with soft-serve ice cream. The presentation of the dessert is unforgettable, as it comes in a takeaway swanky, gold-rimmed plastic “wine glass” that’s totally Instagram-worthy.

Filled with layers of ingredients, each serving comes with Mascarpone cheese at the bottom, soft-serve ice cream, crushed cookies, coffee liquor, cocoa powder, more Mascarpone cheese, more soft-serve ice cream, more cocoa powder, and finally topped with grated chocolate shavings.

In mid-2016, Kiss The Tiramisu opened in Bangkok and before expanding to Singapore. And now, it’s finally coming to Malaysia! For real. There’s even a Facebook page to prove it 🙂

It’s so good, even Park Hyung Sik (박형식) wants to kiss it.

Kiss The Tiramisu Malaysia will be announcing their grand opening in a couple of days so keep checking back with us for the deets!


UPDATE (4th August):

The wait is over! Kiss The Tiramisu Malaysia has announced that they’ll be opening their first ever Malaysian outlet on Friday, 18th August 2017 at Sunway Pyramid (First floor, Lot 1.82) .

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