A foreigner was recently caught having sex with a young Chinese woman in the streets of Chengdu, China.

The indecent behaviour was captured on video and obtained by Beijing Times, which was later uploaded on Daily Motion. According to a number of Chinese sources, the couple was intoxicated when they participated in the sexual act.

Public Sex China
Source: Next Shark

The accused Spanish man, believed to be a 25-year-old named David, were seen performing oral sex and having intercourse with each other on the aide of the road, by the river. Despite attracting a large crowd, the duo carried on with their behaviour. Although some locals told them to “get a room”, other bystanders were encouraging the twosome by yelling “JiaYou”.


David and his Chinese companion were later led away and questioned by the police. The woman is heard speaking in Chinese, insisting that “we are together”. David, on the other hand, expressed ignorance of any wrongdoing by mumbling “I don’t know” broken English and Chinese.

Public Sex China
Source: Next Shark

The Chengdu reportedly confirmed David’s arrest on their official Weibo account, stating that he has been detained for 10 days and will be deported back to Spain when he’s released. Global Times also reported that the unidentified woman was also arrested.

Since the incident went viral online, some netizens felt that the foreign offender should be blamed while others thought that the woman should also be punished for her actions. “Foreign people like him should be sent back to their home countries,” Weibo user “nuxixiaojie” was quoted as saying.

Another commented, “Those people cheering are all good-for-nothings! That woman has no self-respect and no self-dignity. Those foreigners just think that Chinese women are cheap and they treat them as toys, and this is the reason why! (..) It’s infuriating!

Roughly, there are two sides in the debate; those people who blame the girl for her behaviour, calling her a ‘prostitute’, and those who berate the foreigner, saying he is ‘foreign scum’ taking advantage of a drunk Chinese girl,” one commentator added.

You can watch the video here:

What do y’all think? Are both parties equally guilty?


Sources: Next Shark, Shanghaiist, What’s on Weibo/ Featured image: Next Shark.

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