South Korean heartthrob Kim Soo Hyun (김수현, who is best known for his role as Do Min Joon in “My Love From The Star”), recently talked about his nude bed scene with his “Real” co-star Sulli (설리).

In an interview, the actor said that he and Sulli made a lot of errors while filming the explicit scene. Besides that, he also shared that they had sucked in their stomachs in order to look slimmer.

Source: Koreaboo/Elle Korea

He elaborated, “Since it was a scene where we had to show everything (get naked), there were a lot of things we had to focus on. When we started filming, both Sulli and I tensed up our stomachs too much so we couldn’t say our lines. We tried holding our breath while saying our lines, so we made lots of bloopers, and when we said our lines with our abs tensed, we often sounded like mosquitos.”


And that’s not all, Kim also shared his desire to play his character accurately helped him calm his nerves. He explained, “The level (of maturity) in the film is quite high, but I couldn’t imagine any other actor playing the role. My desire to show that I could pull off Jang Tae Young (the name of his role) was big.”

Source: All Kpop

In another interview, the 29-year-old star described “Real” as the film that would conclude his 20s, adding that he still loves the film despite all the negative reviews. “It could be considered an impolite movie, it could even feel like a puzzle or a maze at times. No matter the result, ‘Real’ will remain as a project that I loved because I did all I could,” he told Kukmin Ilbo.

“Real” is a story about a colourful city controlled by the underworld, where the life of a ruthless troubleshooter (played by Kim Soo Hyun) is changed after he meets a former detective reporter named No Yeom (played by Lee Gyung Young).

Sources: All Kpop, Koreaboo / Featured image: Koreaboo, Elle Korea.

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