Coldplay is back with a new single!

The British rock band made public the video for “All I Can Think About Is You” today (Friday, 16th June) morning on YouTube.

Source: World Versus

“All I Can Think About Is You” is the 2nd promotional track off their latest EP “Kaleidoscope”. Aside from the track, the album records a total of 4 other tracks. They are “Miracles (Someone Special)” featuring Big Sean, “A L I E N S”, “Something Just Like This (Tokyo Remix)” with The Chainsmokers, and “Hypnotised”.


Of those, 2 tracks have been released earlier. The Chainsmokers dropped “Something Just Like This” in February while Coldplay made public “Hypnotised” in March.

Just like the latter track, “All I Can Think About Is You” is an extremely slow track which will calm you down even on your worse days. However, the lyrics is another story altogether.

With lyrics like “Fish fell out of water/ Bird stuck on the ground/ Chaos giving orders/ Everything is upside down/ The whole world on a flight path/ But now, all I can think about is you“, Coldplay sings of the sadness of a single man who is missing someone.

The track is not your typical sad song though, as it ends on a hopeful note, with Chris Martin singing, “Love is the only thing left that’s true.

If you liked the track, you can stream it on Spotify.

Originally slated to drop on 2nd June, the release date of “Kaleidoscope” has been pushed to 14th July.

For more info, visit Coldplay’s website and Facebook page.

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