By now, many of you would have at least heard of David Christopher, better known as “Pokemon Uncle”.

The elderly man has been selling Pokemon plush toys outside the HSBC Bank in Damansara Uptown even before the Pokémon Go craze hit Malaysia. Thanks to a recent update, we’re glad to know that Uncle David is now cancer-free.

Pokemon Uncle
Source: Free Malaysia Today

I’m a cancer survivor, I’ve been blessed,” Uncle David told The Star. “Although I am Christian, it is not only Christians who pray for me. Muslims come here and say they will pray for me, the bank staff pray for me, Buddhists come and say they will pray for me. I thank God for them,” he said. He was informed by Ampang Hospital 2 months ago that he’s officially leukaemia-free.


However, a Facebook user named Kyan Ng posted some alarming photos of David’s condition earlier this week. According to Kyan, he noticed large pus-filled holes on both of the elderly man’s injured feet. “I saw him using his hands to support his movements and I asked him why he was doing that. That was when he showed me his legs. He can’t even walk properly and needs people to support him when he wants to go to the toilet,” wrote Kyan.

You can read his full post here:

Thankfully 3 doctors came to Uncle David’s aid after the Facebook post went viral. The Star also reported that a kind man from St John Ambulance has been visiting him everyday to help clean his dressing on both his soles.

Besides that, David has also been receiving help from 21-year-old Imani Khairiah, who is originally from Rantau Panjang, Kelantan. Imani started assisting David approximately 6 months ago when she saw him juggling his business all alone.

Pokemon Uncle
Source: The Star

I know him because I used to buy soft toys from him. But one day, I saw him doing everything by himself. I came up to him and asked where his usual assistant went, and he said she was no longer working for him. So I decided to help him out while I waited for my cousin to finish work at a nearby clinic,” she told the publication.

For those that didn’t hear, Uncle David will be undergoing an operation to treat his wound tomorrow (Saturday, 17th June). Our thoughts and prayers are with you uncle 😉

Sources: The Star, Kyan Ng’s Facebook.

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