We finally have news of the SISTAR members.

Starship Entertainment, who previously held contracts with all 4 members, has confirmed that Soyou and Dasom have renewed their contracts. Meanwhile, Bora has signed with Hook Entertainment and Hyorin still hasn’t made a decision.

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Starship Entertainment’s statement, which was released today (Tuesday, 13th June), read:


We are very happy to be continuing our relationship with Soyu and Dasom with the trust we’ve built up over the past years. We will not be stingy in our support so they can keep growing.

Hook Entertainment, home to Lee Seung Gi, Yoon Yeo Jung, and Lee Seo Jin, also revealed the good news to the public this morning.

They told media outlets, “Former SISTAR member Bora, who spent her last 7 years making Korea’s summers fun and exhilarating with her stages, will be challenging the entertainment industry on a second stage with her name ‘Yoon Bora’. Her partner in this new challenge will be Hook Entertainment. We plan on wholly supporting Yoon Bora as an actress, a variety personality, and even as a performer who may stand on stage again. We will not withhold any aid so that Yoon Bora, who has proved herself as an entertainer with a bright and healthy energy who can make people happy, can showcase her charms tenfold.

Hyorin is the only one still undecided, but Starship Entertainment has reportedly said that they are looking at “positive discussions” with the singer.

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It is likely that Hyorin and Soyou will continue their singing careers, with Bora as well as Dasom embarking on their journeys as actresses. Bora also recently wrapped filming for a movie titled “Sunkist Family” (working title), which stars Lee Kwang Soo.

Earlier, a source from Starship Entertainment revealed that Hyorin was the one who brought up the topic of disbandment. However, they explained that there were no conflicts or discords between the team or agency.

The idol group also released “Lonely”, a final track to bid farewell to their fans.

Sources: allkpop (1) (2), Twitter.

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