Yup, BLACKPINK’s comeback is confirmed!

YG Entertainment has dropped their official comeback teaser, informing fans of their impending release on 22nd June. The teaser image was made public on their social media pages just this morning (Tuesday, 13th June) at 9am.

Source: YGLife

While no other details were revealed other than that, we would probably be expecting their 3rd digital single, “SQUARE THREE”. This comes after they made their debut with “SQUARE ONE” in August 2016, followed by the release of “SQUARE TWO” in November 2016.


The teaser image, which is coloured in pink, shows off building columns, and we suspect that it’s where they shot their music video. This is also in line with a photo revealed by eagle-eyed fans, who noticed the group shooting their music video and posted it on Twitter. According to fans, the members of BLACKPINK seemed to have dark shades of hair except for Lisa.

Earlier this month, Yang Hyun Suk also teased fans with a photo of Jennie at their music video shoot on his Instagram.

Source: Pantip

This is YG Entertainment’s 2nd artiste comeback in June, with G-Dragon releasing his mini-album “Kwon Ji Yong” on 8th June. Taeyang is also slated to make his comeback sometime after BLACKPINK, although no official word has been given.

For more details on BLACKPINK, remember to check out their website and Facebook page.

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