We’ve had plenty of debut scares involving YG Entertainment’s new girl group, “BLACKPINK”, but this time, it’s the real deal.

With their debut slated for 8pm tonight (Monday, 8th August), many fans were taken aback when YG Entertainment released BLACKPINK’s music videos for “Boombayah (붐바야)” and “Whistle (휘파람)” on V App earlier today at around 3pm.

Source: BLACKPINK's Facebook
Source: BLACKPINK’s Facebook

Both songs had very different styles, with “Boombayah” showcasing the girls’ bad-ass sides. Lyrics like “I’m so hot, I need a fan” and “I don’t want a boy, I need a man” imply that BLACKPINK’s won’t be conforming to the “innocent schoolgirl” concept that so many rookie girl groups uses nowadays.


Meanwhile, “Whistle” is a bit more toned down, both the visuals and audio-wise. The song is a lot more mellower than “Boombayah”, and it shows the girls rapping and singing in various locations, such as a laundromat, convenient store, and a workshop.

Watch the music videos here:

Alternatively, you can also watch the music videos on their official V App channel.

If that’s still not enough for you, there’s always the making films of the music videos. Enjoy:


Both tracks were produced and written by Teddy, with Bekuh Boom helping out with the lyrics. Future Bounce also co-wrote “Whistle”. “Boombayah” and “Whistle” will drop on BLACKPINK’s official YouTube channel later tonight at 8pm.

For more info, visit YG Entertainment’s official website and BLACKPINK’s Facebook page.

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