Trainers, there’s a new event coming your way.

Niantic announced some good news just yesterday (Thursday, 9th June), informing fans of an upcoming event happening in Pokemon GO from 13th June (Tuesday) onwards.

Source: Niantic

The event will be held in conjunction with 2 amazing milestones – the first year anniversary for the game and 750 million global downloads. Dubbed the Solstice Event, it will feature Fire-type and Ice-type Pokemon, although we don’t know if the spawn rates will be increased or if it will involve something else altogether.


Aside from that, huge XP bonuses will also be awarded for accurate Poke Balls throw and Lucky Eggs will be sold at discounted prices at the in-game shop.

Even after the event, Niantic will be updating the game to introduce something new to players. According to them, there will be a new update “focused on collaborative group gameplay features that will get you playing Pokemon GO in fun new ways”.

However, there’s a downside to it – Gyms will be disabled for a short period of time. Specific details haven’t been released but we’ll update the post as soon as we have ’em.

Source: GSM Bits

There will also be several real-world events, sadly, it will be at other sides of the globe. There’s one happening in Chicago, several hosted across Europe, and one in Japan between June and September. So if you’ll be visiting those areas within the year, remember to check out the specific details!

Pokemon GO went live in countries around the world in July 2016, but only reached our shores a month later on 6th August.

Source: Niantic.

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