We have more news of T.O.P’s condition.

At 4pm KST (3pm Malaysian time) today (Wednesday, 7th June), the hospital in which the BIGBANG rapper was admitted held a press conference. They answered questions from the press and updated the public on his condition.

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According to translations by moonROK and Koreaboo, T.O.P was brought to the hospital by 3 people – one carrying his upper body and 2 holding his lower body. When he was admitted, he had high blood pressure and increased heart rate and is still not fully conscious now. His carbon dioxide levels were also high enough that he could have gone under cardiac arrest.


However, the doctors have clarified that high level of carbon dioxide does not cause brain damage right away like lack of oxygen. But if this continues, it can cause one to stop breathing, which can damage one’s brain in minutes.

It is also proper procedure to watch patients who suffer from side effects of Benzodiazepine at the ICU to make sure this does not happen. As far as the doctors can tell, he has not gone into this state as of yet but he is still in a stage where a careful eye must be kept on him.

When he was admitted, he showed signs of hypoxia and was determined to be in critical condition. Doctors also classified it as an emergency situation.

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The pills ingested by T.O.P are believed to be from a class named benzodiazepines, which are used to treat anxiety. As doctors determined this from a urine test, it is hard to check the amount of pills ingested by him.

Earlier on, he was also deemed likely that he could stop breathing and thus was moved to the ICU to receive tracheal intubation.

According to doctors, the rapper would also only react to very strong stimuli and did not give any reaction when doctor attempted to wake him up with normal stimuli. “It was only when we more forcefully tried to stimulate him that he reacted in a state between lethargy and stupor,” continued the doctor.

The artiste is still having difficulties in breathing and his pupils did not constrict in response to light stimulation. This is due to the high amount of medication taken by him.

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Doctors will also continue to monitor him and his situation will be forwarded to mental health doctors when his condition improves. It will take at least 1 week for him to recover.


It was also revealed that T.O.P had wanted to set up an appointment with a psychiatrist a few days prior, but was unable to attend.

We hope you get well soon, T.O.P.

Sources: Twitter (1) (2), Koreaboo.

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