A new discount chain is coming to our region!

Don Quijote, more commonly known as Donki in Japan, will be opening their first Southeast Asia store in Singapore. The Japanese discount chain announced the good news yesterday (Monday, 5th June).

Source: Don Quijote’s Facebook Page

In a press statement, The Don Quijote Group and Pan Pacific International Holdings explained that the store will be in the Orchard area, which is known as a shopping district. However, specific details and the opening date will be announced at a later date.


Aside from being a “development centre for its growth strategies in Southeast Asia”, the Singapore store will also be offering “cool Japanese products”.

While we don’t know how the store will be managed, we expect it to be similar to its original concept, which provides a wide range of products – from basic groceries to electronics to clothing. The store, which packs its goods from ceiling to floor, also operates ’til late night (to 3am to 5am) and some even run for 24 hours.

Source: Don Quijote’s Facebook Page

The first Don Quijote store opened in Tokyo in 1980 under its original name, Just Co. However, it was hugely popular and switched its primary business from retail to wholesale. In 1989, the first store named under “Don Quijote” opened in Fuchu, Tokyo.

It has since grown into a general retailing group with more than 350 stores under its belt, attracting more than 300 million customers a year and racking in sales of more than 800 billion yen (around RM31 billion).

Sources: Lipstiq, The Straits Times.

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