Bigger, better, and recharged, one of the world’s most popular nocturnal fun run, Electric Run Malaysia, is back.

Slated to be held on 29th July at Anjung Floria, Putrajaya AmMetLife Electric Run Recharged 2017 is set to wow participants for the 3rd year running with what will be its brightest neon-coloured night run. Unlike its previous instalments, as this year’s will feature a new Recharged concept, the run will have not 1, not 2, but 9 new, music-filled course lands.

Let’s get to know them!


1. Startline: “On your mark, get set..”

Source: The Livescape Group

Lace up them neon/glow-in-the-dark shoes, pile on as many glow stick bangles as humanly possible, and splash on a generous amount of body paint. And if you’re done prepping the craziest, loudest (the louder, the better!) running getup that you’ve ever worn, then ready, set, time to get electrified!

2. Hip Hop: “Pop, lock, & drop it”

Source: The Livescape Group

Pop, lock, drop, and get down to the beat as you dance your way through the Hip Hop land. A place of positivity, art, and culture, it’s the perfect for gatherings of hip hop music and rhythm lovers. Watch art come to life with the UV graffiti walls and colourful rainbow arches as you run past your first courseland in this electrifying journey.

3. EDM: “Pew pew laser lights”

Source: The Livescape Group

Let your imagination run wild as you experience the otherworldly domain that is EDM land. It’s an euphoric, electronic musical voyage featuring bursts of vivid colours cutting across entire courseland where like-minded individuals are bound by a deep passion for EDM, art, and self-discovery. Oh, and yes. You should expect some “pew pew laser lights” action 🙂

4. Sugar Rush: “Like a kid in a candy store”

Source: The Livescape Group

Got a sweet tooth and a penchant for taking selfies? Then step right into Sugar Rush, a courseland filled with sweets and delights. Run around like a kid in a candy store, indulge in the larger than life treats, and as bubbles fill the air, be prepared to whip out your camera as you come across some eye candy inflatables, from popsicles and ice-cream cones to unicorns and muffins. Up your Instagram game while you’re at!

5. Stardust: “Maybe it’s magic”

Source: The Livescape Group

Maybe it’s all in your head, maybe it’s magic. Feel free to explore, discover, and wander through the magical courseland that is Stardust, a land of beauty, colour, and music, where imaginations run wild. Run through an LED tunnel with dozens of mini LED balls illuminating your journey across this beautiful site. Remember to stop and take a moment to soak it all in because this is one experience that you wish you could bottle up.

6. Polyphonics: “Groove through the night”

Source: The Livescape Group

If you see the Polyphonics courseland approaching, you know you’re more halfway there. Take the opportunity to recharge at Polyphonics before going on to complete the AmMetLife Electric Run Recharged 2017. Let your dreams come true and inspiration grow at Polyphonics, a land where your senses are enticed as you groove along under majestic rainbow arches stretching across this path. And don’t forget to stop for drinks 😉

7. Disco: “Shine bright like a diamond”

Source: The Livescape Group

Shine out, stand out, and bring back the funk at the legendary Disco courseland where the glamour and decadence of the 1970’s reign supreme! All-night dancing, energised by the best Disco themes make this nightlife sanctuary the place to be. No disco is complete without mirror balls and a LED lit disco floor as you dance the night away to classic beats from the past.

8. Rainbow Road: “Chase the pot of gold”

Source: The Livescape Group

Right before you hit The Finish Line, the Rainbow Road will greet you with ethereal hues and melodic beats, creating an experience like no other. Said to be the land of lands, it is where colourful rainbow arches light up a final stretch towards pot of gold. Of course, by “pot of gold”, we mean The Finish Line. You’re almost there!

9. The Finish Line: “Celebrate good times, come on!”

Source: The Livescape Group

You made it and that calls for a celebration! AmMetLife Electric Run Recharged 2017 will feature American hip hop artiste Silento, who will be making his debut performance in Malaysia, as well as local superstars such as CUURLEY, De Fam, SonaOne, and Blastique & Amanda Avyanna, who are all ready to bring the beat and rock out with the finishers. You best be ready to do the whip, do the nae nae.

Source: The Livescape Group

This year, the highly anticipated event is set to to attract over 18,000 runners of all ages. Use our promo code, ERHYPE, to get a 10% discount off individual and group of 4 registrations!

To register, visit

We’ll leave you now with the aftermovie from last year’s Electric Run Malaysia. Enjoy:

See you there 😉

For more information, hit up their Facebook page or follow them on Instagram.

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