f(x) might not be promoting actively right now, but at least the members are still releasing new music.

After Amber and Luna officially kick-started their solo music careers with solo albums “Beautiful” and “Free Somebody” respectively, Victoria will now be flying solo too with her first album.


The f(x) member dropped 2 teaser images teasing her first solo album on her official Weibo. She posted the photos along with the caption, “Coming soon“, but did not reveal any more info beyond that.

The photos were simple, with the first one showing a hand doing the “V” sign amidst a light blue background. Meanwhile, the 2nd one was slightly more risque, showing someone’s lips on a bright green background.

The words “Victoria 1st” were also plastered in the middle of both posters, informing fans that she’ll be dropping her 1st album. However, we’re not sure if the album will be released in China, Korea, or both countries.

Victoria (or known as Song Qian in Chinese) made her debut in 2009 as a member of f(x). She has been making a name for herself in China by acting in several dramas, including “Ice Fantasy”, “Beautiful Secret”, “A Life Time Love”, and more.

For more info, visit Victoria’s Weibo page.

Source: soompi.

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