BTS (otherwise known as Bangtan Boys, 방탄소년단) member Jungkook (정국) would be delighted to know that his favourite actor Donnie Yen (甄子丹) attended “The Wings Tour” in Hong Kong over the weekend!

The “Ip Man” martial arts superstar was spotted in the crowd with his family. A fan, who was sitting behind him, took to Facebook to share a photo of him. The fan wrote, “甄子丹帶著女兒兒子去看防彈演唱會了! 然後果果在台上也表演了一段菇式詠春,他一定不知道台下正坐著一位詠春大師.” (Translation: “Donnie Yen took his kids to watch BTS concert! Then Jungkook performed some Wing Chun moves onstage and he doesn’t know that a Wing Chun master is sitting in the crowd.”)

Source: 防彈:: Dose létale ::致命劑量’s Facebook page

In a 2015 interview, Jungkook expressed his admiration for the “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story” actor, saying that he is a huge fan. “Donnie Yen is my idol, he’s really cool! I want to learn martial arts from Donnie Yen,” said the handsome idol excitedly.


Rap Monster then replied, “I think Donnie Yen will contact us very soon… Hopefully, he will notice that we have a kid like this soon.”

Check out Jungkook’s Wing Chun moves at the concert below:

In other news, Donnie Yen will be appearing at the 2017 MCM London Comic Con as a special guest. It was also reported that he will star in the upcoming “Ip Man 4”.

Meanwhile, BTS’ latest track. titled “Not Today”, recently topped Billboard’s Twitter chart.

Sources: Koreaboo防彈:: Dose létale ::致命劑量’s Facebook page/ Featured image: Pinterest.

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