When you pay $17.50 (around RM55) for a plate of Fish and Chips, you would expect them to taste and look good.

However, a patron who ordered the dish at a high-end restaurant was solely disappointed. What was supposed to be a hearty meal of Fish and Chips turned out to be 8 pieces of ikan bilis (anchovies) and french fries.


The customer, who goes by the name of Jaze on Facebook, related his tale on the social media platform. He explained that when the dish in the picture was presented, he assumed that it was an appetiser. Although Jaze was sorely disappointed when it turned out to be the Fish and Chips he ordered, he decided to make fun of the situation instead.

I almost died from laughing with internal-organs-explosion. It’s like buying a Car and instead they give you the Toy Car for the same price,” exclaimed Jaze, whose post has amassed around 6k shares and 5k likes as of press time.

Honestly, if we were Jaze, we wouldn’t know whether to laugh or be exasperated.

Source: Facebook

It was also tweeted to foul-mouth chef Gordon Ramsay, who saw the tweet and retweeted it with his own message. He wrote, “That’s 8 chips & 8 anchovies @ $1 each please…. the lemon is bigger than the fish!

Our exact sentiments!

So folks, beware of what you order and remember to read the description before deciding! You don’t wanna end up with another measly meal, do you? 😉

Source: Facebook.

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