2018 is going to be a huge year for the “X-Men” universe as 20th Century Fox has officially confirmed the release dates for 3 movies.

Not only is Ryan Reynolds’ highly-anticipated “Deadpool 2” arriving in theatres next year, fans will also be treated to 2 other “X-Men” spin-offs – “New Mutants” and “X-Men: Dark Phoenix”.

1. “New Mutants”

New Mutants
Source: Omega Underground
  • Director: Josh Boone
  • Release Date: 13th April 2018

The most mysterious project from the “X-Men” slate, “New Mutants”, is the first film out of the gate next year. The spin-off will focus on a group of fledgling mutant superheroes undergoing training to harness their powers. The new line-up of characters include Wolfsbane (the Scottish character with werewolf-like transformation abilities), Magik (the younger sister of Colossus), Dani Moonstar aka Mirage, Cannonball, Sunspot, and Warlock.

2. “Deadpool 2”

Deadpool 2
Source: GQ
  • Director: David Leitch
  • Release Date: 1st June 2018

There was no doubt that the popular “Deadpool” was going to get a sequel. After hitting a few bumpy roads with Tim Miller infamously leaving the director’s chair, he was replaced by “John Wick” co-director David Leitch. “Deadpool 2” recently cast Zazie Beetz as Domino and Josh Brolin as Cable. After dropping the first teaser trailer last month, we’re anxious to see what is in store for this new team.

3. “X-Men: Dark Phoenix”

Dark Phoenix
Source: 20th Century Fox
  • Director: Simon Kinberg (Rumoured)
  • Release Date: 2nd November 2018

Previously titled “X-Men: Supernova”, “Dark Phoenix”  will revisit the Jean Grey/Phoenix saga. “Game of Thrones” actress Sophie Turner will be reprising the titular role. You may remember that “X-Men: Apocalypse” established that she was already wrestling with some deep, hidden powers, which she used to defeat En Sabah Nur. This movie will show us how she came to host the Phoenix.

The younger cast from “Apocalypse” are expected to return. No word yet if James McAvoy, Michael Fassbender, Jennifer Lawrence, and Nicholas Hoult will reprise their roles.

Sources: Screen Rant, Cinema Blend/ Featured image: Movie Web.

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