Remember when we thought that Ryan Reynolds was filming a cameo scene for “Logan”? Turns out, that secret scene wasn’t a post credits scene but a brand new teaser trailer for “Deadpool 2”.

That’s right fans, the irreverent anti-hero is back! Although there’s no footage from “Deadpool 2”, we get to see Reynolds in action as The Merc With A Mouth once again. The nearly 4-minute NSFW trailer even pokes fun at Superman and Logan.

Source: Marvel

The clip opens with Wade Wilson hearing an elderly man getting attacked by a mugger in an alley just outside a movie theatre (which happens to be screening “Logan”). “Not on my watch,” he proclaims before dashing into a nearby telephone booth to change into his red and black costume.


The heroic theme music from the 1978 film “Superman: The Movie” plays as he takes forever to suit up. There’s even a naked butt shot of Reynolds himself. Unfortunately, he’s a tad too late to save the day.

Source: Highsnobiety

There are plenty of visual gags in the background. You may notice a message written on the phone booth that reads, “Nathan Summers coming soon” – a nod to another X-Men character, Cable, who was first announced during the end credits scene of “Deadpool”.

Not to mention the teaser also features a cameo from Marvel legend Stan Lee. “Wow, nice suit,” he says. “Zip it, Stan Lee,” Deadpool shouts as he runs to the bloody scene. If this trailer is any indication, it shows that we can expect the same irreverent humour for the sequel.

Try and contain your excitement as you watch the trailer below 😉

The trailer also gives away the release date – “not soon enough”.

Sources: The Verge, Entertainment Weekly.

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