“All you have to do is stay a minute, just take your time. The clock is ticking, so stay.”

After much anticipation, the official music video for Zedd (real name Anton Zaslavski) and Alessia Cara’s super infectious single, “Stay”, has finally arrived!

“Stay” was first dropped on 23rd February. It is an electronic dance song that features powerful vocals by the Canadian singer. The Russian-born German music producer also describes the track as “a really interesting mix of the old Zedd and the new Zedd”.

“There are a lot of things about Alessia that everyone, including me, loves. She’s got an incredible vocal ability. It doesn’t really matter to me how ‘good’ of a singer someone is —  it matters to me what kind of vocal colour they have, and the emotion I get when I hear it. That’s probably her strongest point — she’s extremely relatable. And working with her in the studio was pretty much hitting record and watching her work her magic,” he said in an interview with Billboard.

The music video is surprisingly tragic. It shows Zedd and Alessia staying in the same hotel. In one scenario, the 2 strangers missed each other and they go about their day alone. Then, the video reverses and show the 2nd scenario, where Zedd and Alessia meet and fall in love. They go for a drive, ate together at a diner, and take a walk on the beach. Unfortunately, Zedd gets hit by a car and dies.


Watch the video below:

For more information, hit up Zedd’s Facebook page.

Sources: Billboard, Idolator.

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