I’m saying up, I don’t wanna come down from your love. We will get lost together let me flow, don’t ever let me come down from your love.

The latest Station 2 track, “Dream In A Dream (몽중몽)” by NCT’s Ten is out! It was released earlier today (Friday, 7th April) at noon KST (11am Malaysian time) and features a cameo appearance by SM Rookies’ new member Lucas.

Source: SM Station’s Facebook Page

As “Dream In A Dream” is SM The Performance’s first track, it has been stripped to a bare minimum and focuses more on the melody and instrumentals. It also incorporates oriental music and shows off Ten’s graceful dances, which also references martial arts.


Although Ten sings for around a quarter of the track, fans were still smitten by his dreamy and smooth vocals. This, coupled with his amazing dancing skills, have managed to gain him a legion of news fans!

Also, Lucas, who’s half-Thai and half-Chinese, makes an appearance around 3:05 so keep a lookout for him!


Station 2 is the 2nd season of SM Entertainment’s extremely successful digital music project. It aims to showcase the musical capabilities of a different artiste every week, with international and Korean artistes collaborating with each other. Past SM projects such as SM The Ballad, SM The Performance, Summer Vacation, and Winter Garden will also be releasing new music via the channel.

For more info, visit SM Station’s Facebook page and SM Station’s Instagram. For updates on NCT, check out their website and Facebook page.

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