For one night only, dance music fans from around the region who attended Dutch DJ/producer Armin van Buuren’s “Armin Only Embrace in Singapore” were treated to a 5-hour affair of literal music to their ears.

And if there was such a thing as music to one’s eyes, we’ll throw that in as well.

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Backed by an army of live performers (personally handpicked by Armin himself, we hear) and a library of vinyls for a little something special later in the night, Armin’s show featured confetti bursts, pyros, a dazzling shape-shifting light show, and above all, impressive talents.


The theatrical affair at The Meadow, Gardens By The Bay kicked off at 7pm with Armin behind the decks and jazz trumpeter Eric Vloeimans killing it with his solo.

Credit: Colossal Photos

When asked about his “Armin Only Embrace” tour, the DJ/producer extraordinaire said, “It’s the biggest thing I’ve ever done. It’s theatre meets performance arts and electronic music, as the show combines elements from theatre, dance, singers, live music and more.”

True enough, other internationally acclaimed guest vocalists and musicians that were an integral part of the multi-sensory show include Mr. Probz, Kensington, Eric Vloeimans & Cimo Fränkel, Angel Taylor, BullySongs, and Betsie Larkin.

Credit: Colossal Photos

As the tempo began to rise, the spellbinding show progressed through the night with a diverse breath in musical presentation from jazz, rock, and hip hop reflecting Armin’s expanding musical tastes to his trademark trance vinyl set – a harder return to his roots and a key moment of the night.

Dance music fans, all 7,500 of them, travelled back in time as Armin dished out classic after classic that only the old faithful would recognise such as Cosmic Gate’s “Exploration of Space” and Tiesto’s “Adagio for Strings”.

Credit: Colossal Photos

As the night came to a close, revellers were truly in a state of trance – what best describes finding euphoria in dance music. It’ll be hard to move on from this one, that’s for sure. “Armin Only Embrace in Singapore”, redefining the magic in dance music and taking shows to the next level. Not just another rave 😉

“Armin Only Embrace in Singapore” was organised by The Livescape Group in collaboration with The Multiply and ALDA Events. ALDA Events is a Dutch-based events agency that has organised over 160 shows in more than 33 countries.

Credit: Colossal Photos

Special thanks to our friends from The Livescape Group for allowing us to be a part of such a special night! Much love <3

For more pictures and videos from “Armin Only Embrace in Singapore”, head on over to our Instagram.

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