Sandara Park will be starring in a movie!

The former 2NE1 member will be making her big screen debut with “One Step”, a Korean remake of the popular American comedy-drama “Begin Again”. She has been cast as the main lead, and in a V Live that was broadcasted yesterday (Wednesday, 29th March), she talked about her experience.

Source: The Jakarta Post

Although this is not the artiste’s first acting gig, she expressed that she was still nervous.


She said:

I feel a lot more nervous than singing in front of thousands of people. While I was in a group we usually sang a lot of upbeat songs. However, this music film allowed me to let others listen to my true voice so it was a bit tricky. I thought I would be able to sing comfortably since most of the recording was done in the studio, but I regretted that as soon as I sang the first line. It was both a difficult and precious experience.

The YG Entertainment star might also be releasing a solo album!

She explained that she’s looking forward to a solo album this year, but hasn’t brought with up with her company CEO yet. “When an article about a solo album comes up, I think my label CEO will call me and go, ‘What’s this?’ I’d like for it to be released this summer. There hasn’t been any talk of it so far,” continued the singer.

While the 2NE1 members do still contact each other, Sandara also talked about facing the world by herself as a solo act.

She exclaimed:

I was able to live comfortably as a member of 2NE1. From now on, I have to march out to the battlefield on my own. I will live headstrong in the harsh world. It’s time to live the 3rd chapter of my life.

Source: Koreaboo

Directed by Jeon Jae Hong, “One Step” tells the story of Sihyun (Sandara Park) after being involved in a car accident. She is left with no memories of the accident and her past, and the accident leaves her seeing sounds in colour.

“One Step” will be released on 6th April.

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