It’s no surprise that Disney’s live-action remake of “Beauty and the Beast” has become a hit all over the world. Having said that, Disney isn’t interested in making a sequel.

During a recent interview with Deadline, Disney Head of Production Sean Bailey said that although a sequel isn’t in the cards, the studio is willing to explore a “possible spin-off and prequel scenarios”.

Beauty and the Beast
Source: Disney

As you may be familiar, many of the characters in “Beauty and the Beast” have rich backstories. Some of our favourite characters happen to be the servants working for The Beast in his castle. They were turned into household objects after the curse befell on The Beast. Wouldn’t it be fun to watch a spin-off of the showy French candelabra Lumiere and his ally Cogsworth, the worrisome clock?


Alternatively, Disney could also further explore the relationship between Gaston (played by Luke Evans) and LeFou (played by Josh Gad). Ever since it was confirmed that LeFou is Disney’s first ever gay character, “Beauty and the Beast” has been met with some controversy. Nonetheless, we’d still like to see where this could take us.

Beauty and the Beast
Source: Disney

What do y’all think about the spin-off or prequel? Are there any other characters that stand out from the rest?

Source: Movie Web.

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