All you green tea fans out there, McDonald’s has heard your wishes.

After introducing the Milo McFlurry, Red Bean Ice Cream, Pineapple Sundae Cone, and Hershey’s Sundae Cone to the Malaysian public, the fast food chain has now launched another dessert flavour – the Green Tea McFlurry.

Source: McDonald Malaysia’s Facebook Page

This comes after a Facebook post introducing the “special flavours from Japan” went viral last year. Many thought that the flavours – Matcha Top (sundae cone), Matcha Oreo McFlurry, and Matcha Ogura McFlurry – would be introduced in Malaysia, but was hugely disappointed when they realised it was posted by McDonald’s Indonesia.


Don’t worry though, we can confirm that the Green Tea McFlurry is now in Malaysia, and it comes in 2 varieties!

For green tea purists, there’s always the Green Tea McFlurry – vanilla ice cream mixed with swirls of matcha for a burst of fresh flavour. For those who want something more flavourful, you can always opt for the Green Tea McFlurry with Red Bean.

Sadly, we don’t have the Green Tea Sundae Cone and Matcha Oreo McFlurry yet, but for now, we’ll settle with what we have 😉

What are you waiting for? Go grab yours before they’re gone!

For more info, visit McDonald’s website and Facebook page.

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