L.E.G.Os (as fans of EXID are lovingly known), your favourite idol group is going to release a new album!

On Monday (20th March), Banana Culture Entertainment released a press statement to announce EXID’s (이엑스아이디) comeback date.

Source: EXID’s Facebook Page

However, main vocalist Solji, who was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism (overactive thyroid) in December, won’t be taking part in the comeback. For the uninitiated, hyperthyroidism is a condition in which the thyroid overproduces hormones, resulting in a rapid heartbeat, an increased rate of metabolism, and even difficulty in sleeping.


Banana Culture said, “On 10th April, EXID will be coming back as a 4-member group with LE, Junghwa, Hani, and Hyerin. Solji will be temporarily halting her activities due to health problems.” 

Source: EXID Twitter

EXID made their debut in 2012 with their first single, titled “Whoz That Girl”. While their 2014 track “Up & Down” didn’t chart well during its initial release, the group gained mainstream fame after a fancam of Hani performing the song went viral on YouTube. Moreover, the girls recently released their first studio album, titled “Street”, last year.

Recently, the girls have received a lot of attention for their vocal skills. Hyerin wowed viewers with her powerful voice on “King of Masked Singer” whereas Hani’s collaboration with MAMAMOO’s Solar and f(x)’s Luna was very well-received. So we’re really excited to see what the girls have to offer for their return.

For more info, hit up EXID’s Facebook page.

Sources: Soompi (1)(2).

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