After keeping silent about the ongoing scandal, Iron’s ex-girlfriend has finally spoken up.

Earlier this week (Tuesday, 14th March), Iron was arrested for assaulting and threatening his ex-girlfriend while having sex with her in September 2016. He then defended himself via a press statement, saying that she was into sadomasochism aka S&M and requested him to be “violent” with her. However, he also revealed her identity in the process.

This ensued in a public witch-hunt, with netizens justifying him beating her because she “wanted” it.

Source: Koreaboo

However, her legal representative, Sehyun Law, has stepped up to tell her side of the story. Her side explained that she never asked to be beaten and has never hit Iron too. They defended themselves by saying that her sexual preferences has nothing to do with the issue at hand.

Her full statement reads:

After it was revealed that Iron was booked without detention, Iron gave an interview to media that exposed the girlfriend’s identity, saying that she appeared on his album jacket. After that, her identity was spread all over social media. Although she is a victim of assault and threats, her identity was revealed because of Iron’s interview, and she was witch-hunted after being labeled as a ‘masochist’ and ‘mentally ill.’ (A) is currently extremely fearful.

The essence of this case is that the (A) was subject to assault after she refused a certain sexual act that Iron requested, and again after she attempted to break up with him. This has nothing to do with her identity or her sexual preferences.(A) is the victim of a one-sided assault, having been strangled and punched. She never asked to be hit, and she never hit (Iron).

We have acquired enough evidence to prove that the truth is different from what Iron is claiming.

Source: Mnet

The boyfriend of the victim has also spoke up about the case and revealed a portion of the conversation between Iron’s sister and her. In the screenshots, Iron’s older sister apologised for her brother’s actions and offered to meet up.

However, on the 15th (Wednesday), Iron’s lawyers exclaimed that the assault reports are “quite far from the truth”. They explained that those were baseless rumours which caused him substantial damages.

Source: soompi.

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