We’re officially hooked on K.A.R.D‘s brand new single!

As promised, the co-ed idol group made their highly anticipated comeback with their 2nd pre-debut project single, “Don’t Recall”. And honestly, it was well worth the hype.

Source: K.A.R.D's Facebook page
Source: K.A.R.D’s Facebook page

The new track is a mellow dance track featuring addictive rhythmic synth beats with lyrics depicting the end of a toxic relationship.


“Don’t recall when we were good together/ Haunts me like a ghost/ Like there will be no tomorrow/ Moments of heart pound/ No, no, no, no, no/ Don’t mean a thing anymore/ Stop, I don’t recall,” sings Somin and Jiwoo during the chorus.

The luxurious music video sees the members singing against stunning backdrops, playing chess, and flipping cards. But the highlight of the whole video (for us, at least) is the sexy choreography. We must say, they look amazing in white.


DSP’s media K.A.R.D is made up of 2 male and 2 female members – J.seph (제이셉), B.M (매튜김, aka Matthew Kim), former APRIL member Jeon Somin (전소민), and former FNC Entertainment trainee Jeon Jiwoo (전지우). Since their first project single, “Oh Na Na” (featuring “hidden card”, KARA’s Heo Youngji). The rookie group has gained a lot of attention from both Korean and international fans.

The label has yet to release the alternate version of “Don’t Recall” featuring the “hidden card”.


DSP also released the making film for “Don’t Recall”. The 3-minute clip provides an inside look into the set of the music video and highlights the members friendly relationship.



For more information, hit up K.A.R.D’s Facebook page.

Featured image: K.A.R.D’s Facebook page.

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