Here’s a word of caution: Never accept a drink when you attend Future’s party.

That’s the moral of Maroon 5’s latest wild, dizzying visual. But if your idea of fun is getting high and trippy like Adam Levine, then by all means, bottoms up!

adam levine cold
Source: MTV

It all begins when Levine reluctantly agrees to attend Future‘s crib for a listening party. However, his night takes a turn for the weirder when his drink is dosed with acid. From there, everything starts to turn trippy as walls go wobbly, police cars start to float above ground and human head’s turn into animal skulls.


He even finds himself witnessing an underwater wedding taking place after being dumped into the pool by a woman body builder. The 37-year-old singer eventually finds his way to Future, but even the rapper morphs into a giant teddy bear.

maroon 5 cold
Source: Pitchfork

It all turns out ok when he arrives safely back home in bed. More importantly, he remembered to buy milk for his wife Behati Prinsloo. “It was weird. Somebody slipped something into my drink. I think it was acid because I started tripping balls. Future turned into a teddy bear and James was getting blown by a chicken. It was crazy,” Levine recounts his crazy night.

Maroon 5’s latest single “Cold” is essentially about a dying love that has gone sour, so it’s an ode of sorts to all those single and heartbroken souls out there during this Valentine’s Day.

Watch Levine’s psychedelic episode here:

Sources: Idolator, Pop Crush.

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