This is the end.

Despite us wanting to believe otherwise, the 2nd generation girl groups are disbanding one by one, and Wonder Girls is the latest victim of time. To bid fans goodbye one last time, the girl group have come together for a final track, “Draw Me”, released on the group’s 10th anniversary (Friday, 10th February).

Source: Wonder Girls' Facebook Page
Source: Wonder Girls’ Facebook Page

The girls have also sincerely poured their thoughts into the track, with Yeeun and Yubin writing the lyrics. They also participated in the composition of “Draw Me” along with frequent JYP collaborator Hong Jisang.


Fans have been complaining about the lack of a music video, but we say that the track is more than enough to convey their gratitude and lingering feelings. Not only does the vocals of the girls suit the hauntingly beautiful song, the lyrics also perfectly fits their situation.

The track signifies their career over the 10 years, from a blank canvas to what they have achieved now. With lyrics like, “Inside countless drawings/ There are stories of you and me
Let’s not forget those moments/ Let’s remember/ The colours that coloured us/ Are only getting thicker/ It will never fade light and shade,” we challenge you not to cry as you listen to the track.


Wonder Girls announced their disbandment last month with a touching clip, after their contracts expired. Yubin and Hyerim will be re-signing with the company while Yeeun and Sunmi have decided to leave.

For more info on the group, visit their official website and Facebook page.

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