After more than 5 months, Red Velvet is set to make a comeback!

In mid-January, a source from SM Entertainment revealed that the girl group was going to make a comeback. And now, the company has confirmed the news by releasing several teaser images for Red Velvet’s upcoming mini album, “Rookie”.

Source: Red Velvet's Website
Source: Red Velvet’s Website

Not much info is known about the album, but when fans visited the group’s website, they were greeted by a cute image of the girls in various poses, surrounded by rubber ducks, macaroons, and other desserts. A “Find Me!” sign can also be seen in the middle of the image, and when fans clicked on the correct image, teaser photos of each individual member pops out.


The teaser photos are printed in the format of a book, and Seulgi’s photos were released yesterday (Tuesday, 24th January) while Wendy’s were made public today (Wednesday, 25th January). 3 photos were released each, with 1 being a group photo and the other 2 individual photos.

Enjoy the photos:

In other news, the entertainment powerhouse has also revealed that Red Velvet’s fan club will finally have a name. Fans have been asked to submit suggestions for the official fan club, and the members of the group will be choosing the name personally.

“Rookie” will be made public on 1st February.

Source: soompi.

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