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Ever since it was announced that the wildly successful “The LEGO Movie” will be having a spin-off for one of its popular characters, moviegoers have been anticipating for the arrival of “The Lego Batman Movie”.

In addition to having a young Batman played by David Mazouz in the TV series, “Gotham”, fans will get to see 2 different versions of The Dark Knight on the big screen when both “Justice League” and “The LEGO Batman Movie” open in cinemas this year.

batman lego movie
Source: Warner Bros.

The official synopsis is as follows:

In the irreverent spirit of fun that made ‘The LEGO Movie’ a worldwide phenomenon, the self-described leading man of that ensemble – LEGO Batman – stars in his own big-screen adventure: ‘The LEGO Batman Movie’. But there are big changes brewing in Gotham, and if he wants to save the city from The Joker’s hostile takeover, Batman may have to drop the lone vigilante thing, try to work with others and maybe, just maybe, learn to lighten up.”

Judging from the trailers released at the San Diego Comic Con (SDCC) last year, the DC Extended Universe is set to continue its dark and gritty tone with “Justice League”, but “The LEGO Batman Movie” will portray the character’s goofier aspects and provide a fresh change of pace. Before the film hits theatres this month, here are 8 awesome facts about “The LEGO Batman Movie”.

1. Will Arnett is reprising his role as Batman

Source: Warner Bros.

“The LEGO Movie” directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller were on to something when they decided to make the Caped Crusader the most prominent character among the team of heroes in the original film. Not only is Batman the only non-original character in Emmet’s crew, he’s already a pop icon in his own right.

Thanks to his other animated roles in “Despicable Me”, “Ratatouille”, and “Bojack Horseman”, comedian Will Arnett was able to inject his gravely voice to an extreme degree that juxtapose perfectly with the character’s arrogant, sarcastic, and just too-cool-for-this-adventure attitude.

2. Batman and Robin’s relationship will be explored

One element that will be explored in the film is the relationship between Batman and his young ward/sidekick Robin (voiced by Michael Cera). Apparently Bruce Wayne accidentally adopted an orphaned young man while attending a Gala. We don’t know if Dick Grayson will share similar origins with his comic inspiration or how he’ll come in contact with Bruce, but it’ll be interesting to see the duo team up after Dick becomes Robin.

3. Batgirl’s alter ego will be Barbara Gordon

Source: Warner Bros.

Besides Robin, “The LEGO Batman Movie” will also feature an amazing female DC hero in Batgirl (voiced by Rosario Dawson). The heroine behind the Batgirl will be Barbara Gordon, who is the daughter of Gotham City Police Commissioner James Gordon. It appears that Barbara may start out as a normal civilian before transitioning into her crime-fighting career. We don’t know about you but we have a feeling that Batgirl is going to be a scene-stealer 😉

4. It’s going to be a Justice League party!

Source: Warner Bros./DC
Source: Warner Bros./DC

It’s no secret that Batman has a tendency to attract baddies by the bucketful. In addition to Joker, The Dark Knight will be facing off against numerous villains from DC’s budding shared movie universe which includes Bane, Catwoman, The Riddler, Poison Ivy, The Penguin, Harley Quinn, Two Face, Clay Face, Killer Croc, Mr. Freeze, and Scarecrow. Thankfully, he can call on his Justice League team – Superman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Green Lantern, and The Flash – for help.

5. Batman’s fashion closet

lego batman fashion
Source: Inverse

When Robin successfully convinces Batman to let him join up in his fight against crime, he excitedly asks, “Do I get a costume for the mission too?” He then hits a button that activates a conveyor belt that reveals Batman’s alternate themed uniform such as “The Batpack” with a cocktail shaker, “Scubat”, ”St Batricks”, “The Batriot”, “Bat-hurst 1000”, “El Murcilago” (Spanish for bat), “Death Merchant”, “Krampus Bat”, “Glam Bat”, “Merbat”, and “Winged Avenger”.

After trying on several Batsuits, Robin settles on the perfect one: a red and green outfit (with a big “R” on the chest) called “Reggae Man”.

6. Be wowed by Batman’s many LEGO Bat-vehicles


We’ve seen many Bat-themed vehicles over the years, including a Batkayak, Batsub, and a Batzeppelin, but the Batmobile is his signature ride. Seeing as how this superhero lives on attention, you can bet that he has about a half-dozen others scattered in his bat cave. Case in point? Just look at the image above.

7. The trailer mocks “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice”


It’s nice that Warner Bros. is comfortable poking fun at their own blockbuster. That’s right folks, “The LEGO Batman Movie” will not only pay reverence to “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” but it’ll also roast the Dark Knight’s cinematic legacy.

There’s a scene in the trailer where Batman declares to The Joker that his greatest enemy is Superman. That’s after he admits that he’s cheating on the villain by fighting other people behind his back. “I am fighting a few different people. I like to fight around,” he declares.

8. “The LEGO Batman Movie” is still part of the LEGO Cinematic Universe


You may not recall this, but there was a scene in “The LEGO Movie” where Wild Style was describing the various LEGO realms that exist within the movie’s universe. Gotham City is believed to be one of those realms. However, we don’t know if this Batman spinoff will make any reference to the previous film. We’re still not sure if “The LEGO Batman Movie” is a prequel or sequel to “The LEGO Movie”.


9. Batman wishes everyone a happy Chinese New Year


In keeping up with the studio’s marketing campaign, a new funny promo clip has just been released, showing Batman trying to figure out which animal year is 2017. He throws around a few guesses – horse, donkey, pig, and (of course) bat – before being swarmed by a flock of roosters.

In the meantime, here’s the trailer to pump up your excitement:

Directed by Chris McKay, “The LEGO Batman Movie” is set to be released on 9th February 2017.

For more information, visit the movie’s Facebook page.

Sources: Inverse, Screen Rant, /Film.

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