Cube Entertainment’s latest boy group, PENTAGON, just made their comeback last month, and now, they’re back with another release.

The music video for their follow-up track, “Pretty Pretty (예쁨)”, which is also a track off their 2nd mini album “Five Senses”, was released at midnight today (23rd January).

pentagon pretty pretty


Other than “Pretty Pretty” and their title track “Can You Feel It (감이 오지)”, “Five Senses” also records 3 other numbers, which are “Engine”, “Lose Yourself (풀러)”, and “You Cannot Get Upset (정신 못 차려도 돼)”. Unsurprisingly, the talented members also took part in the composing and lyrics-writing of the songs.

Yeo One takes the lead role in the group’s music video for “Pretty Pretty” while the other boys portrays his school mates. It also stars Kim Chungha of the soon-to-be disbanded project girl group I.O.I as the romantic interest of Yeo One. The music video takes on a simple story line, as it shows Yeo One trying his best to impress his crush by learning how to dance. However, conflicts arises when his love rival, Kino, comes into the picture.

Also, don’t forget to wait ’til the end for a funny but cool dance-off between Yeo One and Kino!


PENTAGON is Cube Entertainment’s 1st boy group in 4 years, after the debut of BTOB in 2012 and BEAST in 2009. The group made its debut in October 2016 with “Gorilla”, after going through the survival show “PENTAGON Maker”.

For more info, visit PENTAGON’s official Facebook page.

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