It seems like the wait was worth it.

After months of uncertainty, Cube Entertainment’s latest boy group, PENTAGON, finally debuted in October. And now, less than 2 months later, the boys are back with another track, “Can You Feel It (감이 오지)”.

Source: PENTAGON's Facebook Page
Source: PENTAGON’s Facebook Page

It seems like the boy group is going for a strong and upbeat concept, as “Can You Feel It” is fairly similar to “Gorilla” in terms of melody. However, it is not without its differences. Leader Hui talked about the track during the group’s showcase yesterday (Tuesday, 6th December), saying, “It’s a very sexy song. When we were promoting ‘Gorilla’, we were overflowing with a wild sort of charm, but this time we’ve added a sexy feel on top of it. It’s a catchy song.


The music video also managed to exude the sexiness of the track, with the members dressed in tight-fitting marching band-inspired outfits while breaking into choreography. One of the more eye-catching scenes in the 3-minute video was when the members dressed up as polar opposites, and sat across each other on a long table.


Other than “Can You Feel It”, PENTAGON’s 2nd mini-album, “Five Senses”, also includes 4 more tracks, which are “Engine”, “Comeliness (예쁨)”, “Fuller (풀러)”, and “You Cannot Get Upset (정신 못 차려도 돼)”.

For more info, visit PENTAGON’s official Facebook page.

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