It’s finally happening – Hallyu superstars Rain (비) and Kim Tae Hee (김태희) are getting married!

Earlier today, Ilgan Sports claimed that “The Best Present” idol superstar would be tying the knot with the actress. While both of the stars’ agencies denied the news shortly after, Rain himself confirmed the upcoming plans via a sweet handwritten letter on Instagram.

Rain’s letter reads (translation courtesy of Koreaboo):

“Hello, I hope to find all of you in good health in this cold winter.

This is Jung Ji Hoon.

It’s already been 16 years since I first debuted and many of my fans have grown into beautiful women and in many cases have become amazing mothers.

I too am trying to become the head of a household as a husband and a man.

She was always there for me during my hardest and happiest times and moved me on multiple levels. Our trust has been growing and our love has finally born fruit.


The wedding is going to be private and quiet as Korea is currently going through emotional and financially difficult times. I hope you all understand that I cannot speak of where and when it is going to take place.

I have been thankful for the last 16 years for all your love and from now on I hope to show you a more responsible and modest side of me as an actor and a singer.

‘She is my greatest gift.’

Jung Ji Hoon”

Source: Drama Fever
Source: Drama Fever

UPDATE (17th January, 1pm):

Kim Tae Hee’s label, Lua Entertainment, has also released an official statement regarding the above news. In the statement, the actress thanked her fans for their love and attention and promised to “put in all her efforts into living as an exemplary family”.

Read it in full below:

“Hello, this is Lua Entertainment.

It’s time for actress Kim Tae Hee and (singer/actor) Jung Ji Hoon to become bonded as each other’s most valuable partners, so we want to summarize the current situation. The two have built up their relationship of love and trust as a couple over the years, and that relationship has finally yielded its fruit.

They plan on carrying out their ceremony as quietly and as piously as possible under the guidance of the Catholic church, and to honor the wishes of both as well as their parents, we cannot reveal the time and place of the wedding, for which we apologize. They will hold a small and meaningful ceremony with only their families present, and have not yet made any plans for a honeymoon afterward.

Children, who are the beautful gifts of two coming together, will be discussed slowly after the ceremony. [Kim Tae Hee] would like to thank everyone for their love and attention, and will put in all her efforts into living as an exemplary family. Any questions and concerns there may be, we will answer as soon as we come to a decision on each situation.

Once again, we thank you, and we wish you good fortune in the new year.”

Rain (real name Jung Ji Hoon) and actress Kim Tae Hee first went public with their relationship in January 2013 after they were spotted on dates. The couple first met on the set of a TV commercial in October 2011. Previously, it was rumoured that they were planning on getting married in December 2015.

Rain Kim Tae Hee Dating

Words can’t express how happy we are for the 2 superstars 🙂 Congratulations!

Sources: Koreaboo, akp (1), akp (2).

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