The OG K-Pop idol is back!

We’ve been waiting with bated breaths ever since Jung Ji Hoon (정지훈), otherwise known as Rain (비), released a teaser image announcing his impending comeback in December 2016. Although details were kept tightly under wraps, the highly anticipated release was said to be a “special collaboration”.

Rain The Best Present


But all has been revealed – Rain is gifting his fans “The Best Present” (최고의 선물) with a little help from none other than K-Pop phenomenon PSY.

Yes, as in the “Gangnam Style” star with the horse-riding dance moves.

In a time when K-Pop idol girl/boy groups dominate the Korean music industry with high energy songs and perfectly choreographed moves, Rain has chosen to take things down a notch. While it’s a norm to make a comeback with a fast-paced track, “The Best Present” breaks out of the ordinary as it is a slow, romantic piano ballad. The music video features the 34-year-old Korean superstar showing off his vocal chops while finger-snapping and grooving to the beat.

You see him first as a silhouette in the shadows channeling his inner Michael Jackson before he breaks out into the light in an all-white ensemble complete with back-up dancers. If you were, at any point in time, skeptical if Rain has still “got it”, this will definitely put those doubts to rest. Also, it may leave you yearning to be Rain’s fedora.

Fun fact: Rain previously revealed Yoo Hee Yeol’s Sketchbook that he wrote the lyrics to the song himself. “When you fall in love, only these kinds of songs come out,” he said. Awww.


The multi-talented idol may have been gone for a while (read: mandatory South Korean military service) but this release just proved his capabilities and that it was well worth the long 3-year wait. It really is the best present!

You ready? 😉

Check out the music video for “The Best Present” below:

UPDATE (17th January):

You thought that you’ve heard the last of Rain? Well, think again. Not one to stop surprising fans upon his long awaited comeback, the idol superstar released the Chinese version of “The Best Present” (최고의 선물) titled, “最好的礼物” – which basically means the same thing.

Ready to have him knock the socks off you before sweeping you off your feet once again?


Long live the OG K-Pop idol 😉

For more information on Rain, hit up his label’s website or Facebook page.

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