On Christmas Eve last year, Janet Jackson shocked her fans when she announced that she was postponing an unspecified number of concerts from her “Unbreakable” tour, citing health concerns.

At that time, she revealed that doctors told her that she needed an operation soon.

Source: yahoo.com
Source: yahoo.com

The 49-year-old artiste declined to elaborate on what exactly was wrong with her, but she did tell her fans to hold on to their tickets as “they will be honoured in a special way when the new schedule is announced”.


Please pray for me, my family and our entire company during this difficult time. There will be no further comment.

The lack of information spurred speculation and rumours, leading worried fans into thinking that Janet may have cancer.

To add on to that, Radar Online published a report on Tuesday (5th January), quoting an anonymous source saying that “doctors found a growth on Janet’s vocal cords”.

Source: javastudioarsitek.com
Source: javastudioarsitek.com

The article also made inferences to throat cancer and what a tumour could mean for her health and career.

However, she released a new message late yesterday (Thursday, 7th January) to refute reports on her condition. Although she didn’t specify her ailment, she explained, “The rumours are untrue. I do not have cancer. I’m recovering. My doctors have approved my concerts as scheduled in Europe, and as I promised, the postponed shows will be rescheduled.”

“Thank for your prayers and love,” she added.

Phew. We’re just glad that the rumours aren’t true. Speedy recovery, Janet! Sending our love to you.

Sources: AFP via MMO, Janet Jackson’s Twitter.

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