Think that our own firefighters aren’t sizzling hot? Well, you got that wrong 😉

The Fire and Rescue Department of Malaysia has released the 2017 edition of their annual calendar, which features hot, buff, and hunky firefighters plastered all over it.



The firefighters are portrayed in several different and tough situations, in order to highlight the challenges they face while doing their jobs. Of course, we do see them putting out fires, but that’s not the only thing they do. In the calendar, they can also be seen going on rescue missions such as putting out forest fires, airlifting victims from mountain peaks, and helping those who are trapped in vehicles.

For this year’s calendar, we have mixed the themes. The images are of the department’s machinery, firefighting missions, water rescues, and forensics elements. This is to show that our scope of work includes duties outside our core activity, which is firefighting and general rescue services,” said Fire and Rescue Department Corporate Management division Senior Supt Norizan Saad.


As always, the models portrayed in the calendar (both males and females) are full-time staff of the department.

Wondering why all the firefighters in the calendar are buffer than usual? Well, there’s a legit reason for that.

Norizan explained that the department is promoting a “Let’s Get Fit” programme, which will be running until next year, and he hopes that the “abang-abang sado (muscular male officers)” will show that they are a fit department.

Sadly, the calendar is only available for internal circulation, but fret not, as they will be giving them out at several Bomba-hosted public events.

If you wanna get a copy of it, remember to keep an eye on their website and Facebook page for event announcements 😉


Source: The Star Online.

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