Once upon a time, dinosaurs used to rule the earth. Guess what? These terrifying creatures are making a comeback!

That’s right folks, the prehistoric animals are walking on land again and they can be seen roaming in one of Penang’s most famous buildings – KOMTAR (Kompleks Tun Abdul Razak).

Source: Ping Zhi Chuah

Located on KOMTAR’s level 5, the Jurassic Research Centre is now home to over 200 life-sized animated but realistic dinosaur replicas. From the terrifying T-Rex and flying Pterodactyl to the incredibly tall Brachiosaurus, there are plenty of exhibits for dinosaur enthusiasts to marvel at.


Most of the dinosaur replicas will be able to move their heads, necks, tongues, tails and even eyeballs. They will also scream or grunt,” shared Only World Group (OWN) operations director Kenny Yap. Visitors can also spot a family of compsognathus or “chicken dinosaurs” feeding on a downed Stegosaurus.

Don’t worry kids, these dinosaurs may be scary but they’re not sentient, so you’ll definitely make it out alive.

jurassic park
Source: Jonathan Yam

Besides the “live” dinosaurs, the outdoor exhibition also offers a look at the planet’s prehistoric past at the archaeology section where half-unearthed, actual-size dinosaur fossils, and dinosaur eggs are displayed. The origins of dinosaurs are believed to be “at between 231 and 243 million years right up till 66 million years ago”.

We’ve seen people’s fascination on dinosaurs expand to blockbuster movies, books, encyclopaedia, documentaries, and more. “People will always love dinosaurs for the simple reason that they are not around anymore. What will be even more dramatic is if you see them in their original sizes,” added Kenny Yap.

Check out the photo gallery and video below:


Jurassic Research Park ❤️

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The details to Jurassic Research Centre are as follows:

  • Address: The Top, Komtar, Jalan Penang 10000 Georgetown, Penang
  • Opening Hours: Daily 10am – 10pm
  • Contact: +604-2623800
  • Ticketing: Adult RM40 (MyKad holders) and RM50 for non-Malaysians; Children RM30 (MyKad holders) and RM40 for non-Malaysians

For more information or ticketing enquiries, hit up The Top’s website here.

Source: The Star.

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