Here’s a heads up for all you Malaysian registered voters, the next general election may be sooner than you think.

PAS vice-president Iskandar Samad believes the country’s 14th general election will most likely be held in May next year, based on the implementation of projects by government agencies.

Malaysia General Election Source: Asia Pacific
Source: Asia Pacific

This conclusion was drawn due to the implementation of several federal government projects that would typically be seen during election seasons. The Election Commission also appears to have issued briefing schedules for its election staff,” Iskandar told MalaysiaKini.


He speculates that the Parliament will be dissolved either in late March or early April, to make way for an election within 60 days. “Do not be surprised if the Parliament will be dissolved around that time in order to disrupt PAS’ preparations for the elections,” he continued, adding that the timing of the poll will probably conflict with PAS’ muktamar (general assembly).

Malaysia General Election
Source: NSTP/Sairien Nafis

Besides that, the Selangor state executive councillor also thinks that the political internal struggles and the weakening of the ringgit are huge factors as to why GE14 will be held in mid 2018.

Sources: NST, MalaysiaKini.

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