In January this year, tvN’s intense Korean crime drama “Signal” (시그널) starring Lee Je Hoon (이제훈), Kim Hye Soo (김혜수), and Cho Jin Woong (조진웅) aired to much fanfare.

The thriller, which centres on detectives who are separated by space and time (a detective in 1989 and a cold case profiler in 2016) but connected through a mysterious walkie talkie, was inspired by the infamous Hwaseong serial murders.

Signal 2016


The drama spanned 16 episodes before ending on a mysterious note and was hailed for being both heart-stopping as well as emotionally deep.

A critical and commercial success, it went on to win several awards from different award-giving bodies, including “Best Drama”, “Best Screenplay”, and “Best Actress” (for Kim Hye Soo) at the 52nd Baeksang Arts Awards, as well as another “Best Actress” award for Kim Hye Soo and the Daesang (Grand Prize for Television) for Cho Jin Woong at the tvN10 Awards.

With its finale rating of 12.54%, “Signal” is the 2nd-highest rated drama in Korean cable television history. Unsurprisingly, it left fans asking for more.

Signal Season 2

After the drama wrapped, rumours were rife that “Signal” writer Kim Eun Hee, who is known for creating deep complex characters and suspenseful plot sequences, may be working a 2nd season. However, those rumours petered out when she announced that she was working on a synopsis for a sageuk (historical) drama.

But it has now been confirmed that a 2nd season of “Signal” is in the works!

On 20th December, Kim Eun Hee (김은희) attended the 5th “The Story Concert” at the Seoul Coex Grand Ball Room, where she was asked about the production of season 2 of “Signal”. To which she replied, “‘Signal’ was a special production to me. All of the participants and production crew’s attachment to the production is great. Nothing is possible without a good script. After I’m done with my next project, which is a historical piece, I’m thinking of writing (the script for the second season).”

Kim Eun Hee Signal


If this works out and “Signal” gets a 2nd season, it would be one of the few rare occasions as Korean dramas hardly ever get a follow-up season.

Will the original cast members return to star in the 2nd season of “Signal”? Watch this space for more updates!

Source: dramabeansakp.

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