“Spider-Man: Homecoming” made a huge splash when the first trailer was released last Friday (9th December), bringing our favourite web slinger back to the silver screen after his introduction in “Captain America: Civil War”.

We’ve known for several months now that Robert Downey Jr. will be reprising his role as Tony Stark aka Iron Man in Spider-Man’s solo adventure. In the trailer, we see him giving Peter Parker some advice and even suiting up for an awesome action sequence at the end of the clip. Fans are now wondering just how significant will Iron Man’s role be in the movie.

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We noticed at least 3 distinct scenes featuring both Tony Stark and Iron Man in the trailer. During the funny night scene in the limo when Parker asks, “You mean I get to keep the suit?“, fans pointed out that Tony Stark has the same black eye he had during the end of “Captain America: Civil War“. This means that Spidey’s upcoming solo flick takes place immediately after the events of “Civil War”.


This was also confirmed by co-producer Eric Hauserman Carroll, who stated that Parker is still reminiscing about the epic airport scene. “He literally just went to Europe with the coolest clique of them all. And now he’s back with the academic decathlon and the mathletes and going, ‘What am I doing here?’” he explained.

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There’s also a scene where Stark is walking Parker down a hallway with Jon Favreau’s Happy Hogan trailing behind in the background. One eagle-eyed fan from Reddit pointed out that the trailer actually dropped an easter egg, specifically making a subtle reference to Pepper Potts in “Iron Man 3”.

During “Iron Man 3”, Pepper Potts was seen wearing a t-shirt that says “I lost an electron” with the other saying “Are you positive?” As it turns out, Peter Parker is also wearing the same shirt underneath his jacket. Think it’s pure coincidence that the 2 just so happen to have similar fashion sense?

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By having Stark in “Spider-Man: Homecoming“, hopefully we’ll get an update on the current state of The Avengers and The Sokovia Accords. But even if we don’t, it’ll still be fun to see the relationship between Stark and Parker progress. We may even get to see the heroes team up to battle The Vulture and other villains.

“Spider-Man: Homecoming” is expected to swing into theatres on 7th July 2017.

Sources: Cinema Blend, Comic Book (1)(2),

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