Ever since the new “Power Rangers” movie version was announced, the reboot has garnered mixed reaction from the fans. Some love the new designs, others think it’s a joke.

In any case, everything we know about the ’90s TV series has gotten a radical redesign for the upcoming film – from the new Power Rangers armour and Rita Repula‘s green costume to the highly powerful Megazord. Thanks to IGN, we now have the first look at the whiny robotic sidekick Alpha 5.

power rangers alpha 5
Source: Lionsgate via IGN

That’s right folks, Alpha 5 has also received a modern day design. The character is no longer the cartoonish robot we remember from the TV show. This time, Alpha 5 isn’t actually a robot but looks more like an actual alien.


Unlike the original version, who had a big lightning bolt on his plastic chest, this updated version appears a lot busier and weirder. There is also a back shot of Alpha 5, which allows us to see its very flat butt. Maybe Alpha 5 doesn’t do much sitting in the film?

power rangers alpha 5.
Source: Comic Book

Some of the traditional elements are retained, like the saucer-shaped helmet and the predominantly red colour scheme (except that it’s now darker hues of red), but Alpha 5 now sports a pair of bizarre tentacled eyes. Does anyone else think that those eyes look creepy?

Fans, no doubt have been very vocal about the changes made to this lil’ droid. Check out some of the comments made on Twitter in regards to the new Alpha 5.

Comedian Bill Hader will be voicing Alpha 5 for the film. As Jacob Hall points out, since Alpha 5 was a comic relief in the original TV show, so why not cast one of the funniest people in Hollywood and hope for the best?

Directed by Dean Israelite, “Power Rangers” is expected to reach cinemas on 24th March 2017.

Sources: /Film, AV Club, io9 Gizmodo.

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