Avengers: Infinity War” will be the genesis of the epic battle between Thanos and The Avengers. With one of the world’s most powerful weapon in his possession, Thanos only needs to harness the 6 Infinity Stones in order to fully utilised the Infinity Gauntlet.

Out of the 14 films shown in theatres so far, only 1 stone remains to be found. But now, a solid fan theory suggests that the Soul Stone has been right in front of our eyes. Could it have been with Heimdall this entire time?

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According to Justin Ryne Short, one has to be pretty powerful to be the guardian of the Bi-frost Bridge in Asgard. When someone is attempting to enter Asgard, it helps that Heimdall is able to look into the person’s soul and know their true intentions. Perhaps, it’s the  Soul Stone which provides Heimdall with his power of sight.


Ryne Short explains, “In Norse mythology, Odin gives him his sight. Heimdall’s eyes are orange. In ‘Thor: The Dark World’, he is quoted saying he can see all the souls in the nine realms. And in Thor’s vision in Age of Ultron, Heimdal is blind. Thanos could have taken the stone from his eyes. It all fits.

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To quickly recap, here are the locations of all known Infinity Stones according to Lucas Siegel:

  • Space Stone: The Tesseract, better known in the comics as the Cosmic Cube – held for safe keeping in Asgard
  • Reality Stone: The Aether – presumedly still in possession of the Collector (though his collection was blown up so it could’ve gone)
  • Power Stone: The Orb – safe with the Nova Corps
  • Mind Stone: Formerly Loki’s Scepter, currently in Vision’s forehead giving him life
  • Time Stone: The Eye of Agamotto, currently still in the Eye, safe in the nexus room of Kamar Taj and under the watch of Doctor Strange
  • Soul Stone: ????? (Maybe Heidmall?)
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Could all the Infinity Gems be spelling out the name Thanos? T-Tesseract, H-Heimdall? A-Aether, N-Necklace, O- Orb, S-Scepter. The Soul Stone was previously shown in “Guardians of the Galaxy” where The Collector was explaining the origins of the Infinity Gems. The colour of the Soul Stone pretty much matches the colour of Heimdall’s eyes.

As Ryan Scott points out, when Thanos starts collecting all the Infinity Stones, he’s going to have to take the Mind Stone from Vision, which will require the Mad Titan ripping it out from his head. Assuming that Heimdall has the Soul Stone, he would probably face the same outcome as Vision.

Source: Movie Char

Justin Ryne Short’s fan theory is no doubt very compelling, and it does provide some good evidence. But we won’t know for sure where the Soul Stone is as it could debut in any of the following 3 upcoming movies – “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2“, “Thor: Ragnarok“, or during “Avengers: Infinity War” itself.

Sources: Movie Web, Cinema Blend, Comic Book, Movie Pilot.

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